The foundation realizes its purpose by awarding grants for research groups and researchers, by supporting the development of knowledge base and training, dissemination of information, publications, and international research cooperation, and by taking initiatives and giving statements. The foundation may also establish a research institute and hire researchers and other staff.

The Foundation aims to build a network of stakeholders by organizing each year the Haukkala Forum on an invitational basis.

  • Forum I (2013): Well-being for children with joint efforts
  • Forum II (2014):  Social and cultural services for children and families in Jyväskylä
  • Forum III (2015): How to promote the children’s right to be heard according to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, art. 12?
  • Forum IV (2016): How to develop child- and family-centered service-culture in Central Finland?

The Foundation has organized expert seminars

  • 2015: The child’s right to be heard
    Keynote speaker: Maria Herczog, Professor, Hungary, A former Member of the UN Committee for the Rights of a Child
  • 2016: Early childhood education and care in a turning point
    Keynote speaker: Mathias Urban, Professor, Director of Early Education Research Centre, University of Roehampton, UK
  • 2017: For the Best of a Child
    Guest speakers from the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group and its member organizations (in preparation)

International contacts

The Haukkala Foundation is a member organization of the Alliance for Childhood European Network Group (

Alliance for Childhood ENG

Alliance for Childhood ENG


Hallman, E. & Karhinen-Soppi, A. (2015). Lasten, nuorten ja perheiden palveluverkko Jyväskylässä [Service network for children, youth and families in Jyväskylä, in Finnish].

Articles, public speeches and opinions of the members of the Board of the Haukkala Foundation

Child program

The Haukkala Foundation made an initiative in 2016 for the preparation of a child program for the province of Central Finland. The work was begun in 2017 as part of the governmental reform for the improvement of provisions for children and families. The Regional Council of Central Finland provides premises for conducting this work.